Anemone Ring

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This is a lovely, unique ring, with depth and originality.
There are 3 red rubies (or blue sapphires) set in three of the 'arms' of the anemone.
One, or no gems are also possible, of course!

This is gorgeous sterling silver ring. It is shiny now, but it will get darker (and have more depth) over time. The design allows for this evolution, and invites it. I've been wearing mine for several years, seen in end pictures, I really love the natural patination. But, it may also be cleaned (gently scrubbed with baking soda and mild dish detergent with some water on an old toothbrush), and it will be good as new!

Upon request I would be happy to set the birth stones of your children or grandchildren, or find a different colour/gem for you.

Let me know the version that you would like, and I will make it so!

Dimensions: 2.6 x 2 x 0.9cm (L x W x H)
Height from finger is 8mm.