Lucy Ladybug

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I'd like to introduce you to Lucy, Lucinda's more silvery sister, she makes me smile, every time!

I love the elegance and iconic spotted markings of the ladybug's outer shell.
...Flip her over...
And you will find a little 'Lucy', curled up in her shell, smiling up at you!

Measures: 1.5cm width x 2cm length
Please be sure to select chain length (my favourite length is 18")

Red beads are placed asymmetrically on the chain, this has two purposes: It's pretty, and quotes the red you think of when an image of a ladybug comes to mind. The second, and one of my favourite personal 'innovations', means your clasp will never travel all the way to the front of your necklace as you wear it!

** Please feel free to request different red stone placement, or none at all.

This little piece was a lot of fun to carve, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!