Oh Canada! Cuff Bracelet

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Take a journey through much of the landscape that Canada has to offer, from Coast to Coast.

British Columbia: Pacific Ocean/Orca Whales. Mountains.
Alberta: Mountains, Grizzly Bear.
Saskatchewan: Wheat Fields, Canada Geese flying overhead in ‘v’ formation.
Manitoba/Northern Territories: Polar Bear
Ontario: CN Tower, Muskoka (White Pine)
Qubec: Rolling Hills, Moose
The Maritimes: Lighthouse, Atlantic Ocean: Fishing Boat, Schooner, Sailboats, Humpback Whale.

On the inside: Oh Canada! and a hand-drawn Maple Leaf (one of my favourite doodles ; )

Engraving opportunity on the inside, let me know if you would like something engraved here.

* This piece represents 28hrs. of hand-carving time. *
I had a wonderful time designing and carving this piece for you.
A piece of art for you to wear on your wrist!

This silver piece fits most. It measures 6.5cm across the middle (and 1.3cm wide), it may be gently adjusted by opening it up or squeezing it RARELY. *Be careful doing this frequently, it may develop a ‘fracture’ and eventually break. * I am not responsible if this occurs *

If a drastic sizing adjustment needs to be done, let me know, and I will happily alter the sizing for you.